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Why Karakoram Highway is called the 8th wonder of the world?

Due to its unique structure and height from sea level, Karakoram (Karakorum) Highway is also sometimes called as the Eighth (8th) wonder of the world.

As the name indicates, Karakoram Highway passes through Karakoram mountain range and that is why it is called Karakoram Highway. It connects Pakistan and China and also sometimes referred to as “Friendship Highway”. It is one of the major trade routes between the two countries.

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Construction work of the highway began in 1959, which was completed by 1979. During the construction process, more than 800 Pakistani and 200 Chinese workers died due to land sliding and uncertain weather conditions.

At one point the highway in Karakoram mountain range goes as high as 15,466 feet above the sea level. This and many other features make the highway one of the world dangerous routes.

Karakoram Highway follows the route of old Silk Road and it is about 1,300 kilometers long.

Source: Above answer is based on information shared by World Atlas, Built Road Initiative official website and Wikipedia.

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