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Why Hajj is performed?

Hajj is one of the basic pillars of Islam. It is mandatory on every adult Muslim, both male and female, who can afford its expenses to visit Mecca and perform Hajj.  Some of the major reasons explaining why Hajj is performed are given below.

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1 Mandatory Act

Being one of the basic pillars of Islam, Hajj is mandatory on every Muslim, both men and women and that is why it is performed.

2 Promote Unity and Brotherhood

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Another reason of the performance of Hajj is to create and strengthen the feelings of brotherhood and unity among Muslims who gathered in Mecca every years from all over the world wearing the same dress (Ihram).

3 Recall Muslims Their Duty

Hajj also helps in reminding Muslims their duty and the reason of their creation which is to pray and praise Almighty Allah all the time.

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