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Who made Pakistan flag?

Pakistan flag was designed and made by Syed Amir ud Din Kedwaii.

The national flag of a country represent and symbolizes it internationally. The design of a national flag depends upon many factors that range from ethnicity, cultural lines, form of government to national religion and so on.

Who made Pakistan flag
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The national flag of Pakistan which was designed and made by Syed Amir ud Din Kidwaii represent the religious proportion of population of the country on the basis of color. Green part of the flag represents Muslim population while white part is the representation of Non Muslim subjects.  Similarly star and crescent in the flag is the representation of both national religion which is Islam and country’s aim of fast development.

Important point to remember: Pakistan’s national flag design was based on the flag design of Muslim League. The flag designed and made by Syed Amir ud Din Kedwaii was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947.  

Source: Above answer is based on the information given by Wikipedia.

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