The post contains answer to questions “Who built Shahi Qila Lahore? Who built Lahore fort? Who is the founder of Shah e Qila Lahore? When was shahi qila built?”

Who built Shahi Qila Lahore?

No one knows exactly who built Shahi Qila Lahore for the first time. History shows that the existence of a fortified structure at the site, made up of mud-bricks dates back to 11th century.

Who is the founder of Shahi Qila Lahore?

 However the founder of modern Shahi Qila which is also known as Lahore Fort is believed to be Mughal Emperor Akbar. During his reign the fort was redesigned and restructured with both Islamic and Hindus motifs.

It is also important to note that Shahi Qila was entirely rebuilt in 17th century when Mughal Empire was at the height of its splendour and opulence.

Source: Above answer is based on the information given by Wkipedia.

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