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Which is the main river of Pakistan?

The main river of Pakistan is Indus River

Which is the main river of Pakistan?
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In Pakistan, agriculture and water for home use is highly dependent on the waters of Indus River. It is one of the longest rivers of Asia. The river emerged at the foot hills of Himalayas and flow all the way down to Sindh Province of Pakistan where it merged with Indian Ocean.

The river along with its tributaries is useful for agriculture in the country. Approximately two-third of its water is used for irrigation and home use in the country. Indus Water Treaty 1962 gave an absolute right to Pakistan over the use of its water.

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Though for most its part the river flows through Pakistan but it does not emerged in Pakistan. The river emerged from Tibetan Plateau which is a part of China and then it flows through Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) to Pakistan. This means the river and its water is shared by three countries which are; China, India and Pakistan.

Which is the longest river of Pakistan?

It is also the longest water flow of the country.

Source: The above answer is based on the information given in history, social and Pakistan Studies books.  

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