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Which is the highest mountain pass of Pakistan?

Highest mountain pass of Pakistan is Khunjerab Pass. It is also sometimes called as Karakoram Pass.

Which is the highest mountain pass of Pakistan?
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By highest pass here we means a pass which is located at high altitude than sea level. A pass is a gateway that connects two areas either national or international that has been separated by mountains. 

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Pakistan being a mountainous country has many passes that opens both within and outside of the country. Those passes that open outside the country are those that connect Pakistan with other neighboring countries. One such pass is Khunjerab Pass that connects Pakistan with China.

It is also important to remember that Khunjerab Pass is also called as Karakoram Pass and it is located at an altitude of 15,528 feet above the sea level. 

Source: Source of the above answer is Askedon and Dangerousroads blog and Wikipedia.

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