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Which country did not recognized Pakistan?

Country that did not recognized Pakistan in United Nations was Afghanistan

Pakistan is a multi-ethnic state of South Asia. The four major ethnic groups of the country include Sindhi from Sindh province, Balochi from Balochistan, Punjabi from Punjab and Pakhtoons or Pashtoons from Pukhtoonkhwa province.

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One of the major reasons behind Afghanistan’s non recognition of Pakistan was her claim over the Pukhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan. The area of present day Khyber Pakhtonkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan, formerly known as NWFP (North West Frontier Province), fall under the domain of Afghanistan prior to 1890s. In 1893, an agreement was reached between Mortimer Durand and King Abdur Rehman Khan of Afghanistan that demarcate the boundaries of Afghanistan. As per the agreement Afghanistan government ceded the right of rule over the area of KPK along with some areas of Balochistan to British Raj.

Today and by then the people of Afghanistan along with some eminent leaders of the country believed that the agreement was valid for only 100 years and after 1993, these areas belongs to Afghanistan.

Source: Source of the above answer is Wikipedia and The Diplomat

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