The post contains answer to questions “When was the first Hajj performed? Who performed the first hajj? When was the first ever hajj performed on the surface of the earth? When was the first Hajj performed?”

When was the first Hajj performed?

When Kaaba was established for the very first time on the surface of the earth, first Hajj was performed by Prophet Adam (P. B. U. H.). This was the first ever Hajj performed by a human being on the surface of the earth.

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In Prophet Noah (P. B. U. H.) flood which is also known as Genesis flood, Kaaba got destroyed. When Kaaba was re-constructed by Prophet Abraham (P. B. U. H.) and Prophet Ismail (P. B. U. H.) they performed the first Hajj after its re-establishment.

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Similarly when Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) successfully revived the teachings of Islam and laid the foundation of Muslim Ummah, first Hajj of Muslim Ummah was performed under the leadership of Abu Bakkar Sadiqu (R. A.) in 9th Hijjrah.

Source: Above answer is based on information given in Islamic history books.

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