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What is Rami in Hajj?

During Hajj pilgrims are required to stone devils. Actually there are three vertical pillars in Mina that represent devils. At these spots devils had appeared before Prophet Abraham (PBUH) when He (PBUH) was taking His son Prophet Ismail (PBUH) to hill for sacrifice on the will and order of God.

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During Hajj stoning of devils is an obligatory action and it is done on 10th, 11th and 12th Dhul Hijjah. Stoning of devils is called Rami al Jamarat. It is a tradition that is coming for the past hundreds of years.

How many pebbles do I need for Jamarat?

In Rami ritual pilgrims are required to stone devils with seven pebbles of equal size. Pebbles for stoning devils are collected in Muzdalifa.

Source: Above answer is based on information given in Qisas ul Anbiya, Islamic History and literature.

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