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What is Pamir Knot? Where it is Situated?

Pamir Knot is nom de plume of Pamir Plateau. The area got its name ‘Pamir Knot’ due to its unique geographic features. The area of Pamir is home to some of the mightiest mountain ranges of the region. It is located in northern region of Pakistan and Afghanistan and in south west of China and in East of Tajikistan.

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Pamir Plateau is the world highest plateau and that is why it is often called as “Roof of the world”. The region has got its name Pamir Knot for two reasons.

Convergence Of Mountain Ranges

All major and mightiest mountain ranges of the region such as Karakorum, Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Hindu Raj and Tian Shan converged at this place. So it looks like as if Pamir Plateau knots all these ranges.

Collision Of Religions And Cultures

In history the region of Pamir has remained the gateway to Central Asia. It was this place where collision between all major religions and cultures of the world have occurred in past.   

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