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What is Hajj al Tamattu?

In Hajj al Tamattu, Ummrah should be performed before undertaking Hajj.

When a Muslim perform Umrah without an initial intention of performing Hajj and exile from the state of Ihram but after the start of pilgrimage in Mecca, he/she suddenly made up of his/her mind of performing Hajj, then such Hajj would be called as Hajj al Tamattu.

In other words we can say that Hajj al Tamattu is performed when a pilgrim performs Ummrah before the start of pilgrimage in Mecca. After Ummrah he/she exiles from Ihram state but when Pilgrimage starts he/she performed Hajj, then such Hajj is called Hajj al Tamattu.

 A person who performs Hajj al Tamattu is called Mutamatti. Hajj al Tamattu is the most easiest and convenient form of Hajj.

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Source: Above answer is based on information given in Hajj books.

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