The post contains answer to questions “How to start a business in Pakistan? What is the procedure of company registration in Pakistan? How to start a business in Pakistan? How to start a business in Pakistan? How to start a business in Pakistan?

How to start a business in Pakistan?

The fast growing population and more than 70 million middle class consumer makes Pakistan are the major driving forces for both national and international investors. To start a business in Pakistan, you must have come up with an idea of the type of business. Once you have finalized it the next important step is to register it.

How to register a business in Pakistan?

how to start a business in pakistan
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To register a company in Pakistan makes sure your company name does not contain a word from list of prohibited terms. You can take a look of the list of the prohibited terms in Section 10 of the Companies Act 2017. Once you finalize the name for your company, follow the given steps to register your company.

Company Registration in Pakistan Online

  • Visit the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) official website eservices section at
  • Create your account. Pakistani nationals need a valid CNIC while foreign nationals can use their passport number.
  • For same day registration process select Fast Track Registration Services (FTRS).
  • Fill the online form and submit it.
  • Upon submission you will receive a security code on your chosen service i.e. mobile number or email address.
  • Enter the security for verification of your form and generation of PIN.
  • Upon completing these steps a challan form will be generated. Pay the fee in selected branches of MCB, UBL or through Mobile Banking. 

SECP Company Registration Offline

If for some reason the online eservices of SECP is not working, you can apply for company registration offline. To do so, please follow the given steps.

  • Generate manual challan form by visiting the following link.
  • Deposit fee in any of designated branches of MCB or UBL.
  • Submit application along with original fee challan to the registrar at concerned CRO

The application processing time is four (4) working hours.

SECP Company Registration Check

To check and verify the registration of a company with SECP please visit the given link.

Source: The above answer is based on information shared by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Invest Pakistan.

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