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How to open bank account in Pakistan?

The process of opening bank account within Pakistan is very simple. All you have to do is follow a few steps and provide required documents to the bank branch manager. Before going to the steps of account opening in Pakistan, first let’s find out what are the documents that will be required in this whole process? 

What are bank opening requirements in Pakistan?

Before going to the nearest bank branch of your choice for account opening, first make sure you have arranged the following documents.

how to open bank account in pakistan
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A copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) for Pakistani citizens.

  • Pakistanis holding dual nationality should provide copy of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP).
  • In case of Foreign Nationals of Pakistani Origin copy of Pakistan Origin Card (POC) required.
  • A copy of Alien Registration Card (ARC) in case of local currency accounts of Registered Aliens residing in Pakistan.
  • In case of Foreign Nationals individuals, valid passport, having valid visa on it or any other proof of legal stay along with passport is required.

A document that shows the source of your income.

  • For salaried person an attested copy of salary statement would be enough.
  • For student an attested copy of identity card of educational institution.
  • For retired persons an attested copy of retirement letter.
  • For landlords an official document of his/her business would be enough.
  • Foreign nationals having business should provide Certificate issued by Board of Investment. Salaried person should provide salary statement.

Make sure to take your original documents with yourself too before visiting the bank. 

  • Upon reaching the bank branch meet with branch manager or public relations officer and asked for opening.

Account opening takes maximum 24 hours however you will get your chequebook and visa card after two weeks.

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