How to make url shortener? How to create url shortener website? How To Make URL Shortener? How to develop website like adfly? How to make url shortener?

How To Make URL Shortener?

Making a successful url shortening website is a three step process.

  • The first and most important step is the selection of an appropriate domain name with an efficient webhosting plan. As a link shortening website upon success receives daily thousands of visitors therefore the selection of most efficient webhosting service that could fulfill all of your website requirements and has high skilled technical staff is of utmost importance.

We recommend Bluehost for both domain name registration and webhosting service. If you purchase webhosting from bluehost it will register your domain name for free for the first year. Whats Howto itself is hosted on Bluehost. To visit Bluehost please click here.

  • The next important step is the selection and purchase of a beautiful link shortening script. This step too needs an extra care as there are many link Shortening scripts available on internet for sale. Choosing the right script that has no bugs and its author is available for support anytime bears great importance.

Please remember never install free or pirated script on your website because it cannot be updated and sometime it contains spammy codes which hackers can easily exploit anytime to hack your website. Always use premium scripts. The best premium link shortening scripts are Adlinkfly, Belink, LaraLink and URL Short Zero. You can buy them here and here.

  • The third and final step is the installation of script on your website which is very easy. There are hundreds of tutorial videos available on internet. You can watch them for additional help.
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