The post contains answer to questions “How to buy shares in Pakistan? How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange Online? How to buy shares in Pakistan? How to open an account in stock market Pakistan? How to buy shares in Pakistan? How to buy shares in Pakistan?”

How to buy shares in Pakistan?

A firm sells shares to gathered capital which it uses to expand its business. Each share represents an equivalent stake in the equity of a company. To start buying shares in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) please follow the steps given below.

  • Define your investment objectives.
  • Shortlist a number of registered and licensed brokerage firms based on your preferences.
  • Select a brokerage firm that fits your requirement.
  • Open a Brokerage Account, CDC Sub Account and a CDC Investor Account. The CDC Sub Account is the account through which you can actually trade in the stock market.
  • Deposit funds in your account through cheque.
  • Select the companies to invest into based on some or all of the parameters mentioned in the Basic Guidelines for Stock Investment, your preferences and discussing the same with your stock-broker. Thereby building your portfolio.
  • Start investing.

How to open an account in stock market Pakistan?

how to buy shares in pakistan
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To start trading in the stock market first you need to open an account. To do so, here is a step by step process.

To open an account, try to choose the best brokerage firm. Some of the best brokerage firms are; Alfalah CLSA Securities (Pvt) Limited, Arif Habib Limited, BMA Capital Management Limited, Foundation Securities (Pvt.) Limited, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities Limited, JS Global Capital Limited, Market 786 (Pvt.) Limited, Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Pvt.) Limited   and Topline Securities Limited.

Visit any of the above mentioned firms website. The account opening process is very simple. Their customer care service will guide you in the due process.

How to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange Online?

This is the most important step in all process because you are here to earn some money not to lose any. Here are some suggestions in this regard.

First, choose the right sector to invest in. Currently Oil, Gas, Cement and Multinational Corporations are top choice of majority of brokers.

After choosing the right sector, now it is time to choose the right firm in the chosen sector. Do not hurry in this step. Read about the chosen firm. You can also contact the brokerage firm.

After choosing the right firm, now it is time to buy the shares. After buying, relax. Do not indulge in day trading in the beginning. It is high risky for beginners. 

Source: The above answer is based on information shared by Pakistan Stock Exchange and Jama Punji.

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