The post contains answer to questions “How CPEC will benefit China? How CPEC is beneficial for China? What are China benefits in CPEC project? How China will get benefited from CPEC?”

How CPEC will benefit China?

CPEC will benefit China in many ways. The construction of roads and railway lines will enhance economic activities in China by offering her shortest access route to the markets of Central Asia and Europe.  

cpec will benefit china
Image Source: Courtesy to Pakistan Economic Times

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project will also provide China shortest route for its import of energy resources such as oil from Middle East and other raw materials. The project will give China an opportunity to enhance its military existence in Indian Ocean, which is the centre of interest of all powerful states these days to protect her interest.

The project will strengthen its diplomatic bonds with Pakistan too who in future will prove a more trust worthy friend.

Source: Above answer is based on the analysis given by Askedon, Wikipedia and CPEC official website.

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