DO URL Shorteners Affect SEO? Do Bitly links Count For SEO? DO URL Shorteners Affect SEO? Bitly Affect SEO? Will a URL Shortener affect my website SEO? Impacts of URL Shortener on SEO.

DO URL Shorteners Affect SEO? Bitly Affect SEO?

url shorteners affect seo

No, those URL Shorteners which uses 301 redirects do not affect your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect. It always moves visitor to a live, permanent URL.

According to Matt Cutt, an SEO specialist from Google Webmaster Tools, a 301 redirect always let flow page rank and anchor text to the destination link. Due to this reason if a URL Shortener is using 301 redirects it will not have any harmful impacts on website SEO.

Bitly support center on the basis of above mentioned reason also claim that its shortened urls do not affect website SEO because it uses 301 redirects. 

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