The post contains answer to questions “Can Non Muslims go to Mecca? Are non Muslims allowed in Mecca? Why non Muslims are banned in Mecca? can non Muslims go to Madina Madinah?

Can Non Muslims go to Mecca?

No, Non Muslims cannot go to Mecca (Makkah). Mecca also known as Makkah is the holiest city of Islam. Only Muslims are allowed to go to Mecca. Ban on the entrance of Non Muslims in Makkah is solely on religious basis and there are no political objectives behind it. This ban has been placed by Allah Almighty.

It is also important to note that Non Muslims are also not allowed to go to Medinah (Madinah), the next holiest city of Islam. Ban on the entrance of Non Muslims in Medina was put by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during His lifetime.

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