About US

About US – WhatsHowTo is basically an educational website that answers all those questions that people generally asked one another or searched on internet. Our Moto is “To answer every What, How, When, Where,Which, Why, Who and Can” and our objective is to try to make it as simple as possible. All our literary work is available only for sharing and enhancing the knowledge of our readers. 

Factors That Forced US To Initiate Whats Howto

As there are already hundreds of websites and forums that answers question, then why we start this website?  Answer is very simple. The following two factors forced us to launch this website.

a) People Searched For A Particular And Very Specific Question

The search preference of people on internet has changed over time. Today people generally type a full question in famous search engines such as Google and Bing to find answer to. People want to get a particular answer to a particular question that they type. 

b) People Want A Very Specific And To The Point Answer

Today everyone is in hurry. Time is precious and when it comes to finding an answer to a particular on internet, the general preference of people is to get a short, to the point but also at the same time a detail answer. Lengthy answers makes people feed up of reading the whole text and post. People want an answer that answers them in shortest possible words. No one is ready to read a text of 500-600 words to get answer.

Our Objectives

By keeping in mind the changing trend of people, we launched this website. Main objective behind the initiation of WhatsHowTo blog was to help net surfers by providing them to the point, shortest possible answers.

Why We Start A Website And Not A Forum?

Many of our readers might have question in their mind that why did not we start a forum instead of website? The answer is simple. There are already thousands of such forums that are aiming to help people but we felt that there is space for such a website.

Problem with forums is that most of their users are exploiting them for personal benefits. They used forums either for generating backlinks to their blogs or for advertising their services.

Secondly answers on such forums are usually very lengthy. They have answered question in much intertwined words. The main reason is to enlarge their answer by using many words to meet the criteria of minimum required words which is usually set by the forums’ administrators.